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Our philosophy and core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide our everyday operation; they are our anchors and cornerstones.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to create a better world by providing compassionate care and excellent education, one child at a time.

At the heart of our approach lies a deep-rooted compassion for every child’s overall well-being. We believe in nurturing social, emotional, physical, and academic growth in equal measure, paving the way for exceptional life experiences. With us, you’ll find the holistic support your child need to thrive.

Our Vision

Every child has the potential to truly shine and embrace life in their own way. By supporting each child’s unique strengths, we can help them grow into capable, confident and independent individuals. Our vision is to help them achieve that by fully activating their incredible minds and guiding them towards fulfilling and meaningful lives. It’s a beautiful journey, and we are lucky to be a part of it.

Core Values

We believe in extending our love and support to every child, helping them craft a life that’s fulfilling and unique to them. To accomplish this, we focus on laying the right foundation, which will help them succeed in academics, career, meaningful relationships, and most importantly in life as a whole. Our aim is to guide and nurture every child’s talents and abilities, so they may achieve their fullest potential and lead a joyous life.

Each child is a wonder, deserving of our love and care. We are here to nourish and educate them in a secure and thriving environment where they can grow and develop. We appreciate each child’s unique personality and are devoted to guiding them towards fulfilling their aspirations. Our unwavering dedication is to the well-being of every child that is entrusted to us.

As lifelong learners, we are passionate about applying Dr. Montessori’s philosophy to promote positive development in children. We believe that constructive reflection is essential to deliver excellence for the little ones. With learning being a life-long adventure, we are proud advocates of growing and nurturing young minds to instil love of learning which will serve them well the rest of their life. 

As a committed team, we work together in harmony. We value each other’s support, care, and trust, fostering peace, love, and reconciliation. Our open-minded approach allows us to actively listen and courageously reconcile any issues. We work collaboratively to create positive, joyful learning environments where growth and progress can thrive. Our thoughtful communication and unity make every day fun and rewarding.

Letting out a smile is like spreading love and expressing gratitude to everyone who comes across us. Our positive attitude fosters a nurturing environment, where we cherish and value each other. We infuse joy and generosity into everything we do, while celebrating achievements that lead to the best outcomes for children, their families, and our team. We believe smiling creates a ripple of positivity and we love to spread it around.

We stand united as a family, embracing diversity with open arms. Every child, family, and team member is cherished, respected, and included. Together we work towards providing the best care and education to our children, supporting each other every step of the way. Every child, every family and our team we are just one big family working together towards the same aim. 

Our Philosophy

We hold deep to our Montessori philosophy and values at our Nursery, where we recognise that children have their own style of learning – a pace that suits them best. That’s why we customise our educational approach to fit each little one’s needs. We believe that the perfect learning space is one that’s prepared well, making it ideal for children to explore their curiosity, feel secure about their development, and have the independence to choose. It’s our vision that education at this early stage is a tool and preparation for the future, and that it shapes our entire approach to nurturing children into happy, healthy, and well-rounded individuals.


At Blooming Tulips Montessori, we warmly welcome and cherish the individuality of each little one while valuing their cultural, family, and social background. We strongly advocate for this through positive interactions with our little children, their families, and our team. Our care & education programme, combined with our knowledgeable compassionate staff and the learning ambiance we provide, is our proof of commitment to this philosophy.


We ardently believe that every little one holds within themselves their future self, and we have a crucial role in guiding and facilitating this journey, alongside our parents.


We pledge to offer a safe physical and emotional environment for each of our precious children. At Blooming Tulips Montessori, we vow to nurture and not constrain the potential for each child’s development. We believe in the connection between education and life and therefore ensure to integrate all aspects of life – intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and social – in our program.


Blooming Tulips Montessori is devoted to accepting and respecting all forms of diversity and believes that diversity of social groupings is paramount in the holistic development of a child. We believe that every child processes information differently and at Blooming Tulips Montessori, we aim to tailor each activity to accommodate these distinctions while inspiring them to reach and maximise their full potential, through self-correcting, age-appropriate and engaging learning activities.


Our role as educators is to guide, observe and strengthen your child’s individuality, and the Montessori environment compliments this mandate perfectly. Balancing freedom and discipline offers our children the opportunity to foster a larger capacity for self-direction while learning to discern independently between right and wrong.


At Blooming Tulips Montessori, we believe that learning should not be reserved within the confines of the four walls of our Nursery and that it is essential to link learning to the home and beyond, in order to foster a lifelong love for learning.


At Blooming Tulips Montessori, we embrace each child’s uniqueness and understand that every child has their own special place in our community.

We aim to create an environment of warmth, compassion, and support that nurtures each child’s individuality and celebrates the many diverse experiences and walks of life that make our community stronger. With our commitment to providing quality education and care, we believe we play a vital role in helping each child realise their full potential and achieve success in their future endeavours.

‘‘ Our philosophy and core values stand at the heart of our daily work, guiding us each day as our anchors and cornerstones. These guiding principles are what keep us dedicated to fostering a warm, friendly and positive atmosphere for our children and families.’’

Parents, Let’s work together!

“Your child is a unique individual with boundless potential and possibilities. By working together, we can unlock the doors to a life full of excitement and fulfilment. We can inspire young learners to embrace a life-long love for knowledge. From thinking mathematically to creating masterpieces, let’s nurture your child’s unique potential. Help your child to discover their capabilities and build deep personal values that will serve them well through adulthood. Let’s help them become unstoppable forces of good in the world. Together we can do this!” Dilia Bas

More on the intentionally prepared environment we offer for all age groups

At Blooming Tulips Montessori, we cater 0 to 5 years old little adventurers, nurturing their development with authentic passion for education through a child-centered approach.

Our Mission, Philosophy and Values

For infants ages 12 weeks to 16 months old (Nido)

In Italian, a Montessori space designed for infants is called nido, which means “nest.” The space expresses all the warmth, love and attachment from the womb. A serene ambience for little ones to feel at ease and snug. It provides a nurturing space for infants aged 12 weeks to 16 months old. Our trained educators care for the little one’s every developmental whimper, aiding their journey to independence while warmly observing their growth and inquisitive explorations.

Our Mission, Philosophy and Values

For children ages 16 months to 2.5-3 years old (Toddler)

From their newfound independence to remarkable achievements of physical movement, communication, problem-solving ability and social interactions, children between the ages of 16 months and 2.5-3 years thrive during a crucial developmental phase. Our Toddler program nurtures and maximises their potential, providing a compassionate and supportive environment for our youngest learners.

Our Mission, Philosophy and Values

For children ages 2.5-3 to 5 years old (Children’s House)

Our scientifically-designed, carefully crafted program for young ones aged 2.5-3 to 5, focuses on developing knowledge, confidence and social skills. They’ll direct their own activities, building knowledge, confidence, and social skills. Our educator’s gentle encouragement helps the children to utilise all the available materials, to explore practical life activities, geography and mathematics. Our aim is to nourish young minds and encourage growth in a compassionate and nurturing environment.