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Frequently Asked Question

Parents, Let’s work together!

“Your child is a unique individual with boundless potential and possibilities. By working together, we can unlock the doors to a life full of excitement and fulfilment. We can inspire young learners to embrace a life-long love for knowledge. From thinking mathematically to creating masterpieces, let’s nurture your child’s unique potential. Help your child to discover their capabilities and build deep personal values that will serve them well through adulthood. Let’s help them become unstoppable forces of good in the world. Together we can do this!” Dilia

What is Montessori 

Providing a foundation that nurtures self-confidence, lifelong prosperity, and independence – That’s the power of Montessori method!

Our Values & Philosophy 

Our philosophy and core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide our everyday operation; they are our anchors and cornerstones.