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Equipping Your Child for a Fulfilling Life

“The child’s conquest of independence begins with his first introduction to life. While he is developing, he perfects himself and overcomes every obstacle that he finds in his path.” -Maria Montessori

Authentic Montessori Nursery at Watford

What makes us different

We all seek to give our children the very best. We want them to have a fulfilling life filled with opportunities and endless possibilities. The gift our nursery can give them is irreplaceable, the care and education they will receive can be the key to everything they will ever want to be. So let us nurture and encourage them, and may they unlock every door leading to their bright future, knowing they can rely on the foundation they received at every step in their life journey.

Your child is a unique individual with boundless potential and possibilities. We will embrace who they are, and help them to have the right foundation to unlock the doors to a life full of excitement and fulfilment.

Authentic Montessori education

Being a parent searching for the perfect Montessori nursery can be intimidating. Yet, it’s vital to ensure that we give our children quality education.

Montessori settings are like a tiny world of adventure for children. Little ones explore their interests while teachers move amongst them – lovingly guiding and observing them. You can learn much about the nursery by just being in the room and watching. Visit the nursery and experience it all first hand before deciding about the nursery.

You can read our guide for parents here.

Founded and managed by qualified Montessori expert

My name is Dilia. I am the founder and managing director of Blooming Tulips Montessori Nursery. I am a qualified Montessori teacher ,and have worked in the early years field since 2005. My career has progressed through many years of experience within the childcare industry. I went through the ranks; Starting as a nursery teacher, room leader, deputy manager, nursery manager, area manager of outstanding rated nurseries, operations manager, I was also early years consultant helping nurseries to excel, sharing my wealth of experience and knowledge with providers. And now I am continuing my journey as a nursery owner.

“Childcare practitioners can make this World a better place by providing quality care and education for children. As a mentor and coach it is my obligation to make sure I do everything to create this mind set in my educators” Once this belief is internalised that person can find meaning in even the most mundane tasks. — Dilia Bas

Changing the world, one child at a time

At Blooming Tulips Montessori, we believe in empowering every child to achieve independence in their own unique way. Every child deserves the opportunity to develop into their own incredible person, with skills that will serve them well throughout their life’s journey.

As a Montessori nursery, we aim to inspire young learners to embrace a lifelong love for knowledge. From thinking mathematically to creating masterpieces, we aim to nurture each child’s unique potential. As a result, our children not only discover their capabilities but also build deep personal values that serve them well through adulthood. We strive to help them become unstoppable forces of good in the world.

We warmly welcome you to visit and explore all we have to offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

At the heart of our approach lies a deep-rooted compassion for every child’s overall well-being. We believe in nurturing social, emotional, physical, and academic growth in equal measure, paving the way for exceptional life experiences. With us, you’ll find the holistic support your child need to thrive.


Why Montessori Nursery

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”

The Montessori method understands the importance of cultivating the right environment for your child to grow and prosper. Our Montessori approach ensures your child has the tools to reach their full potential, instilling in them confidence, knowledge, and an enduring passion for learning that will serve them well into adulthood.

Our diverse curriculum fosters holistic development, covering everything from fine and gross motor skills, to reading and writing, improving concentration, and building self-discipline.

We believe that every child is unique. That’s why we have designed a structured learning environment that blended seamlessly with your child’s freedom to explore their own interests at their own pace to reach mastery.


Purposeful Play. The Work of the Child

“The wise mother will remember that play time is never wasted. So long as the children are busily absorbed, they are working at their own development.”

Engaging children in purposeful play is a critical component of their learning and development. It provides the perfect platform for children to interact, have fun, and broaden their horizons in a relaxed yet vibrant environment.

Purposeful play comes in many forms, each providing its own set of incredible benefits for children. Our educators play an active role in encouraging little ones to engage in activities that not only motivate but stimulate them as well. Providing opportunities for your child to engage in such activities is a crucial step towards ensuring their healthy development.

From constructive games to creative play, there is no shortage of fantastic activities that provide opportunities for purposeful play. In fact, it is crucial that we incorporate as many play options into children’s lives as possible.


Montessori’s Absorbent Mind

0 to 5 years, Golden Window of Opportunity in child’s brain development

A child’s brain develops up to 90% by age five! At this age, their brain is almost fully formed, making the first five years a crucial opportunity for developing connections that power the brain and impact lifelong learning and success.

The links created during these early years can help set the child up for future achievements. Childhood offers a unique opportunity to shape a child’s holistic development and build a foundation for their future. Positive and nurturing experiences can help form essential connections that lead to long-term health benefits and a higher ability to learn and succeed. That is why the early years are so critical. During this time, a child’s brain develops rapidly, and the connections they create can play a vital role in building skills like motivation, problem-solving, and communication. These skills form a foundation for future success and are much harder to develop later in life.


Deeply individualised learning

At the heart of our teaching philosophy lies deeply individualised learning. We empower each child to confidently unlock their full potential by providing education tailored to their unique needs and development level. Our curriculum enables children to take increasing ownership over their learning journey, fostering a lifelong passion for learning.

We believe that education is the key to living a fulfilling life. Through unique and tailored experiences, we help your child build a strong sense of self and purpose. Using enjoyable and meaningful work, we guide them through every aspect of their growth – be it social, emotional, academic, or physical. We are committed to providing unwavering support and guidance for your child and their future.


Food and nutrition

At Blooming Tulips Montessori, we’re committed to serving up scrumptious and nutritious food that your child will love!

It’s widely agreed among experts that instilling good eating habits early on promotes healthy growth, development and academic success in the long run.

Our mealtimes are social gathering where little ones come together for a delightful family-style feast. Mealtimes are also a chance for your little one to learn and explore, as we encourage curiosity and discussion about the exciting origins and benefits of all the delicious food we serve.


The Prepared Environment

The environment plays the role of the “third teacher.” Much like effortlessly absorbing one’s native language, children effortlessly absorb concepts that shape their surroundings.

It’s commonly noted that young children are perceptive and sensitive to their environment. Montessori built on this idea, believing that children leverage early experiences to build stronger foundations for their minds.

We believe that every child has the ability to create themselves using the materials around them. Montessori approach values meticulously selecting and arranging the furniture, tools, and ornaments in the learning space. The materials selected are precious, beautiful, and breakable to instil a sense of reverence in the children and to highlight the importance of treating them with care. This unique approach fosters a deep connection to purposeful and profound everyday interactions with the world. Children also learn to take stewardship of their environment through modelling and guidance from the skilled adults around them.

“Every little mind is unique and develops at their own pace – it’s essential to understand that not all will learn the same concepts together. Education must meet each child where they are. Montessori education encourages children to take on new and ever-challenging concepts that they have mastered – it allows them to build their foundation of knowledge. By not forcing those who may need more time or focusing solely on speed learners, each child can develop at a rate suitable for them. Furthermore, when the basics have been established, there is no point in dwelling on laborious repetition – which can lead to boredom and disengagement from a subject matter, therefore allowing motivation within children to be empowered.”

More on the intentionally prepared environment we offer for all age groups

At Blooming Tulips Montessori, we cater 0 to 5 years old little adventurers, nurturing their development with authentic passion for education through a child-centered approach.


For infants ages 12 weeks to 16 months old (Nido)

In Italian, a Montessori space designed for infants is called nido, which means “nest.” The space expresses all the warmth, love and attachment from the womb. A serene ambience for little ones to feel at ease and snug. It provides a nurturing space for infants aged 12 weeks to 16 months old. Our trained educators care for the little one’s every developmental whimper, aiding their journey to independence while warmly observing their growth and inquisitive explorations.


For children ages 16 months to 2.5-3 years old (Toddler)

From their newfound independence to remarkable achievements of physical movement, communication, problem-solving ability and social interactions, children between the ages of 16 months and 2.5-3 years thrive during a crucial developmental phase. Our Toddler program nurtures and maximises their potential, providing a compassionate and supportive environment for our youngest learners.


For children ages 2.5-3 to 5 years old (Children’s House)

Our scientifically-designed, carefully crafted program for young ones aged 2.5-3 to 5, focuses on developing knowledge, confidence and social skills. They’ll direct their own activities, building knowledge, confidence, and social skills. Our educator’s gentle encouragement helps the children to utilise all the available materials, to explore practical life activities, geography and mathematics. Our aim is to nourish young minds and encourage growth in a compassionate and nurturing environment.

Parents, Let’s work together!

“Your child is a unique individual with boundless potential and possibilities. By working together, we can unlock the doors to a life full of excitement and fulfilment. We can inspire young learners to embrace a life-long love for knowledge. From thinking mathematically to creating masterpieces, let’s nurture your child’s unique potential. Help your child to discover their capabilities and build deep personal values that will serve them well through adulthood. Let’s help them become unstoppable forces of good in the world. Together we can do this!” Dilia Bas